Can I change my stall's availablility after I sign up?

You have complete control over available times for each day. You can also choose to blackout any days that your stall may not be available or pause your listing completely.

How do I know if someone has booked my parking space?

You will receive an email including the drivers' license plate instantly when someone books your stall.

What if my parking stall is booked but I need to cancel the booking?

As long as the booking period has not began you may cancel. If the driver has already paid, they will recieve a refund and you will not be paid for that booking.

What if the booking period has expired and the driver is still using my parking stall?

Please notify the driver using email to let them know the time is expired and that you will need the parking stall. ParkChamp encourages you to resolve these and come to a reasonable solution for both parties. However, you are authorized to tow the vehicle at the driver's expense, if necessary.

How do I get paid?

We partner with Stripe so we can deposit funds directly into your account. We never see or store your personal banking information. You may disconnect your Stripe account from our system anytime.


What if I leave my car in the parking stall over the amount of time booked?

You can email the owner of the parking stall to let them know you will be late leaving your booking by going to "My reservations" in the app or by checking the confirmation email, both where you can find the contact information for the owner. Ultimately, it is up to the owner whether or not they arrange to tow your vehicle.

What if I can't find the parking stall upon arrival?

Review the special instructions in your confirmation email. The owner should have provided you with any private instructions after your booking.

What if I'm on my way to the stall and the owner cancels?

If ever the owner cancels, and you have paid for the stall, you will always recieve a full refund.

What if I book a stall in advance and realize I don't need to use it?

ParkChamp policy states that all bookings are final and no refunds will be issued for driver cancellations. Please notify ParkChamp if there is an exceptional circumstance beyond your control, preventing you from using the parking stall. We will work together with you and the owner to come to the best resolution. ParkChamp does not guarantee any refunds for driver cancelations.

What if I arrive to the parking stall and there is already someone else parked there, or the stall is blocked?

If you arrive at a parking stall and it is not accessible, please use the support page to provide ParkChamp with the screenshot of the stall. We will redirect you through the App to the nearest parking stalls available and issue a full refund.

Once I park in a parking stall, can I leave and come back?

Yes, your stall is booked for the entire duration of the hours specified in the confirmation email, as set out by the owner. You may come and go anytime during that time period. If you decide to leave and do not wish to return to the parking stall, you may always contact the owner to let them know.