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How this property earns an additional $720K/yr on their parking

ParkChamp's mobile access solution helps this Calgary property collect additional daily parking revenue without investing in expensive hardware and compromising parkade security.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to a change in post-work behaviour, with data showing that on average only 5% of parkers park 5 full days a week, needing monthly parking. This left 95% of parkers with no alternative parking option but to park on the street.

The property owner signed up for the ParkChamp app, which allows parkers to download, sign up and park in the underground parkade on a pay-as-you-go basis. Parkers are able to use the app to unlock approved access points and use the parkade.

Using ParkChamp's app, this property is able to utilize unused parking spaces at 91% occupancy, cater to their tenants' needs and make additional revenue.

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We have a proven track record for improving the performance of parking assets of any size, layout, or design.


Cars parked


Increase on parking revenue


Parker retention rate

Building smart cities using modern parking technology

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From full customization with our all-in-one platform to leveraging our cloud access solution with no changes to your day-to-day parking operations, our partners get full control to choose their parkade solution fit.

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Up your revenue, lower your cost

Removing expensive machines allows significant savings on maintenance & software upgrades costs. We use proprietary access control technology & your building's existing hardware instead.

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Deliver best customer experience

We support all of your customers, a leased tenant, a monthly or a transient parker. Various tenant programs such as shared parking programs, corporate flex programs, digital validations & more ensure retention.

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Our parking solutions come with powerful data and analytics for your parkade

A powerful Insights dashboard allows you to view parkade behaviour, occupancy and utilization, to-the-second revenue, parking administration, paid or outstanding invoices, downloadable financial packages, parkade stall plan and more.

In addition, we provide you with a complimentary monitor tool to view who is in your parkade right now.

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A screenshot of Parkchamp analytical dashboard called Insights

View demos of ParkChamp solutions

Take a look at the demo of each solution below for parker experience.

Learn more about the Mobile access, Ticketless entry and Drive Thru Pay

Mobile access

See how customers use the app to park.

Ticketless entry

See how customers park without the app.

Drive Thru Pay

See how customers use automated parking.

Mobile access

  • Integrated building access

    The app allows the parker to access the parkade overhead doors, barrier arms, permitted lobby doors, elevators & stairwells.

  • Maximized parking revenue

    The app will automatically manage parking stall availability so that maximum revenue can be achieved without affecting tenant permits.

  • Lightweight addition

    Requires no conduits, no maintenance, no on premise servers or mandatory software upgrades.

Your Experience

The ParkChamp app lets you gain additional parking revenue without compromising building security or having to change your parkade to make space for costly equipment, such as ticket and payment machines.

All app users are pre-registered in our system so all activity is monitored and can be accounted for.

The equipment is compact, about the size of a human fist. ParkChamp provides directional signage to help guide parkers to the nearest available parking spot. Our 24/7 In-Lane support team is always available to help.

Parker Experience

The ParkChamp app makes reserving, paying for, and accessing your parking facility simple and easy. Parkers can book parking in advance on a daily or hourly basis, or start an instant session when they arrive. Our flexible reservation options allow pakers to tailor their parking needs to match their work schedule.

Parkers enjoy the ease of use and secure parking locations. Knowing where to park in advance allows parkers to plan their morning better and save time.

The screenshot of ParkChamp banner. It contains QR code and NFC chip which will redirect a user to a website where they can pay for the parking session
The screenshot of ParkChamp Take Ticker App. This app allows to book a parking space and pay for it

Ticketless entry

  • Integrated Building Access

    This solution allows the parker to access the parkade overhead doors, barrier arms, permitted lobby doors, elevators & stairwells without the app.

  • Simple Public Parking Setup

    No heavy equipment required. Instead of ticket machines that cost thousands of dollars, we use simple signage for access & payment.

  • Seamless Experience

    No paper tickets to pull and waste. Everything is processed securely online using the power of parkers' own handheld devices.

Your Experience

Replacing traditional pay stations and pull ticket machines with QR code/NFC tap-to-pay signs significantly reduces overhead cost of maintenance, supplies, and repair which typically account for 85% of work orders.

This technology is perfect for parkades that have a transient customer base, such as client parking, visitor, retail, and mixed-use location. No pre-registration is required, and anyone driving up can use it.

The equipment is compact, about the size of a human fist. ParkChamp provides directional signage to help guide parkers to the nearest available parking spot. Our 24/7 In-Lane support team is always available to help.

Parker Experience

Anyone can collect a digital parking permit on their smartphone. Parkers who pull up to the parkade simply use their camera to scan a QR code to access the parkade, register a permit, and pay - no app or pre-registration required.

This stress-free system eliminates the need for paper tickets or waiting in line at a pay-by-plate machine.

If parkers do not have a smartphone, they can still use the weblink or remote access through our 24/7 In-Lane support.

The photo contains the screenshot of take ticker parking application and ParkChamp banner
Camera icon

Drive Thru Pay

  • No stop, windows up experience

    The technology uses digital fingerprinting to match devices, accounts, & vehicles/licence plates ensuring accurate revenue collection & maximum compliance on payments.

  • Vertically integrated system

    Our proprietary Drive Thru Pay system is vertically integrated with all ParkChamp technologies including realtime payment & access control, merchant validations, and customer behavior & analytics.

  • Seamless Parker Experience

    A true automated experience where parkers simply drive in & park. Everything else is done in the background.

Your Experience

Elevate your parkade with the latest and newest parking technology with seamless free-flow access that works for both gated and ungated facilities. Automated billing and reporting ensures to-the-penny revenue collection, the system automatically knows whether the parker is a monthly tenant, a registered user or a transient customer. All systems are connected and stem from one data source without adding multiple different systems to make it work.

Rich data reporting is available to you in real-time with all parkade activity and behaviour.

Public parker experience

When the driver approaches the entrance, the licence plate is read and the gate will raise (if there is one). A digital ticket is created automatically at the entry.

QR/NFC pay signs are strategically located throughout the parking structure for easy access. Parkers can simply scan the sign and enter their payment information. The licence plate is read upon exit and the gate is raised. The amount of time parked is then calculated and payment is processed for that amount of time.

A receipt is then sent to the parker as they depart.

The photo contains a screnshot of the parking web application called take ticket and ParkCHamp banner with lot id.

Tenant experience

Tenants and monthly parkers register their licence plate numbers and payment information with ParkChamp. The plate number is linked to a digital permit that is activated in real-time (without the need for physical cards or fobs). If there is a gate arm/door when the licence plate is read as the driver approaches the entrance and exit, it will raise automatically.

This system does away with potential problems where tenants could forget their keycard or fob, and it also gets rid of the chance that tenants might share or lose keycards.

App parkers experience

ParkChamp app users can look forward to a streamlined Drive Thru Pay experience. When a parker arrives at the parkade, their licence plate is read and a paid session begins. If there is a gate arm, it will automatically raise upon entry. When the parker leaves, their licence plate is read again and the paid session ends. If there is a gate arm, it will raise upon exit.

App users do not need to visit a pay sign or make any booking or payment through the app.

A receipt is sent to the app user upon departure.

The screenshot of ParkChamp app

24/7 In-Lane support and parking signage

Our design and customer support teams have over 15+ years experience delivering the most professional and efficient services

Custom signage

ParkChamp is responsible for printing, installing, & maintaining all parking signage. We have an in-house design team that can create specially designed signage upon request. Our partnerships with signage installation companies allow us to offer competitive rates.

24/7 In-Lane Support

ParkChamp's technology allows for quick & efficient real-time assistance through our Support Tool. It is designed to pinpoint who is calling & where, allowing for quick assistance without extra questions. The average time to assist a customer is 10-30 seconds.

ParkChamp Review

I wanted to know if I could leave and come back so I called the support line and someone picked up right away and helped me. They have great technology that always works for me. I never feel stressed about parking with them. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs reliable parking!

- iPhone app review, 2022

ParkChamp banner with lot id, QR code and NFC chip which allow to pay for parking
Outdoor ParkChamp banner
Indoor ParkChamp banner

Your powerful parkade data tool

An online snapshot of your parkade(s) where you can access real-time analytics and reports

Real-time behavior and habits

Insights data can tell you your daily, weekly, and monthly occupancy, utilization trends, peak times of day and week, revenue by type, & parker behaviour trends such as new vs. repeat parkers, parker frequency, usage percentage, & gate usage, if required.

Remove Human Error

Our technology includes a tight connection between lease obligated permits, access. Insight tool ensures that all parking parameters are honored and up-to-date so that every penny that is earned at your parkade is accounted for.

Parkade Monitor Tool

View real-time permit information including license plate number, time in, & time out. Optionally, this tool provides the ability to remotely open parkade access points. Privacy focused, so staff & third party operators do not see employee names and phone numbers.

Rich Monthly Financial Breakdown

Download our formal monthly reports every month. They include all monthly parker invoices and accounts receivable. All revenue is displayed and operating expenses are recorded and displayed in detail.

Rich and transparent

Detailed financial reports

ParkChamp Insights tool allows you to see all your parking revenue and expenses in detail.

The screenshot of monthly revenue breakdown

Value added services for your parkade

Data driven marketing

A turnkey solution to attract, retain, and engage new parkers. We execute targeted marketing strategies including free & paid awareness, promotions & in-building materials. Leverage our powerful marketing solution to level up your parkade growth.

Parkade and tenant management

Leave the heavy duty of operations, tenant management & money collection to us. The level of parkade involvement can be customised to suit your needs. We work with you to customise the most cost-effective options for smooth & safe operation.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing allows us to change your parkade's public parking rates based on availability, stall assignment, time of day, user behaviour, location and more. Maximize the most on your parking using ParkChamp's powerful dynamic pricing engine.

Tenant review at Calgary's The Ampersand parkade

Our company has been using ParkChamp for our parkers in the building for the past year and we are more than satisfied with them. They do an excellent job and are very accommodating with all of our requests, even last minute ones.

The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant to work with. They communicate well and are very patient when we have questions. I would not hesitate to recommend ParkChamp as they are reliable and efficient.

- Kim Seigner, Client Services, Team Lead

The photo of 2 high rise buildings

Other value added services:


Vehicle assistance

Special Rates

Third party
data sharing

Data analysis

Marketing case study

An outdoor "Public parking" sign at one of ParkChamp's Vancouver parkades has resulted in 86.60% growth in new public parking revenue compared to nearby locations without any signage.

An online targeted campaign towards offices within a 1-2 minute walk of a Calgary Downtown property resulted in 58 new parkers in less than a month with a 61% retention rate.

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