Terms used in this policy have the same meaning as given to them in the Parking Stall Permit Agreement.

1. Cancellation Policy

1.1 For daily parking, hourly and on-demand parking there is no cancellation option for the Driver after the Booking Period has begun or after the time the Driver has parked. Cancellations for daily parking must be made by 11:59 PM on the day prior to the day of the Booking Period unless otherwise specified in the Parking Stall Permit. For any such cancellation, the Driver agrees there will a non-refundable charge of $1.36 per cancellation.

1.2 Cancellations for monthly parking must be made given one calendar month notice. For monthly parking, Drivers understand that they may be charged for the current month and the following month.

1.3 Cancellations for tenant term parking managed through the Service will be in accordance with the policy of the Owner as per the lease agreement.

1.4 If a daily, hourly, or on-demand Parking Stall is booked, but then goes unused by the Driver (and has not been cancelled by the Driver in accordance with section 1.1):

a. the Driver is not entitled to any refund; and

b. the Driver will pay the full rate for the booking.

1.5 If a Parking Stall Permit is issued to an hourly or daily Driver, the Owner may not cancel the booking or remove the Parking Stall from the system during the Booking Period even if such stall is not currently occupied.

1.6 If the Driver’s payment fails when payment is due, then ParkChamp may revoke access to and refuse the use of any Parking Stall to the Driver.

2. Refunds:

2.1 Refunds for cancellations completed in accordance with section 1.1 will typically be issued by ParkChamp within 48 hours of the cancellation, or as soon commercially reasonable after that.

3. Overstays

3.1 Without limiting any other right of ParkChamp or the Owner, any vehicle that overstays the applicable Booking Period may be towed at the Owner’s discretion and removed to such location as the towing company may determine. Neither ParkChamp nor the Owner are required to grant any assistance to the Driver in respect of recovery of any vehicle so towed other than to provide details of the towing company.

3.2 ParkChamp reserves the right to use the Service to track any additional time stayed in the Parking Stall by the Driver. Following the end of the Booking Period, failure by the Driver to exit the location with their vehicle in which the Parking Stall is located is deemed sufficient evidence of continued usage of that Parking Stall.

3.3 The Driver agrees they will be liable to pay the full price for any fees or costs relating to overstaying the Booking Period in the Parking Stall. Such fees and cost will be charged automatically by ParkChamp to the credit card on file. The Driver will be liable to pay:

a. Any additional costs incurred by the Owner as a result of the overstay.

b. Any fees relating to the towing and impounding of the Driver’s vehicle.

c. Any additional parking fees in relation to their overstay which will automatically be charged through the Service, together with any additional fees for any related support, on-site dispatch, access request or aid in removing or accessing the vehicle or in relation whatsoever to managing the overstay of the Driver on behalf of the Owner.

3.4 The Driver is aware that in the event of an overstay in certain locations where access is restricted, the Driver may be prevented through the Service from accessing the property and their vehicle until the next day when such property is accessible. The Driver agrees they may still be charged and subject to towing as a result of this overstay.