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ParkChamp is an exciting local company with an integrated software solution for parking. Our platform reaches thousands of drivers looking to pay for parking from anywhere in the city. ParkChamp takes care of all the details and uses real-time data to maximize returns, reduce cost on operations and improve customer experience.

ParkChamp App lets drivers find parking in seconds, reserve in advance and pay instantly from their phone at the best price.

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What makes ParkChamp unique?

Outbound Marketing

ParkChamp creates an outbound marketing channel by putting your parking spaces in front of thousands of drivers looking to find and pay for parking. We communicate with our users frequently in-app and on our web platform, use online advertising and social media to promote your location.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing factors in different components such as: current occupancy, time of rental, how far in advance the reservation was made, and average capacity on similar days. Dynamic pricing doesn’t just factor in the time of day, it also factors in how far in advance the reservation was made, and how far the driver is from the stall.


ParkChamp is Calgary based company that has a large local user base. We work with over 100 locations with several different types of properties that are already making money. ParkChamp App has over 500 active monthly users, thousands of App downloads and repeat customers that park downtown every day.


Our technology is highly flexible and is designed from the ground up for rapid scaling. It allows us to provide a simple solution for every location from residential driveways to underground parking garages to multi-story parkades. Our platform works in real time to manage parking availability, process payments, provide secure access to parking, and generates reports and data insights that parking owners can access anytime, all in one place.

Customer Support

ParkChamp takes care of customer support on behalf of the owner so that all customers can enjoy a seamless experience.


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