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Mobile Access Control

Pay as you go mobile access technology for flex parkers, allowing access to secure locations without keycards or fobs.

Transient Parking tech

A drive-up smartphone access solution that generates a digital parking permit without pull ticket equipment or apps.

Real-time in-lane support

ParkChamp support is readily available to solve any customer's issues in real-time within 20 seconds.

Real-time Data & Analytics

See trends such as average parks per week, entrance/exit times, lift arm/shuttle elevator usage, and more.

Paperless validations

Our simple validation program allows businesses to self-manage their client parking and choose custom options.

Full management platform

Our system is designed to manage parking availability, permits, customer information, billing, and payments all in real-time.


Hourly flex parking

Pay-by-the-minute, hourly, daily and weekly options. Customers can pre-book in advance or start parking sessions instantly.

Get rid of transponders, keycards and fobs

The app allows customers to access overhead doors, barrier arms, lobby doors, elevators - no physical hardware required.

Trigger elevators from your app

The app is integrated with all ParkChamp technologies including revenue collection, analytics, monitoring, and support.

No apps, no pull ticket machines

Customers can use their smartphone to access the parkade, register a permit, and pay - no app or pre-registration required.

Never use a pay station again

Allows customers to access overhead doors, barrier arms, lobby doors, elevators - no physical hardware required.

Paperless validations

Retail merchants and restaurants can purchase validations to allow guests to validate parking upon arrival.



Just drive in/drive out

Allows tenants, transient parkers and app users to seamlessly come and go without having to manage fobs, cards or hang tags.

Pay by the minute

Drive in/out pay parking with plate recognition allows customers to be automatically billed on exit without using a pay station.


Allows for steady traffic flow and efficient parker access while collecting real-time occupancy data for the parkade.

Shared parking program

The portal allows tenants to perform real-time changes and enroll in various ParkChamp's parking programs.

Add/remove employees in real-time

The portal provides self-serve options for tenants to manage and view their permits, view and pay invoices and add parking.

Purchase validations on demand

Businesses can buy different types of validations and keep track of current and used validations in the Tenant portal.



To the second occupancy

View current parkade occupancy or historical records. The insight tool allows intelligent, automated oversell without disrupting tenants.

How many days are your tenants parking

View parkade behaviour trends such as traffic average per week, busiest days, most popular time in/out and much more.

Track parkade performance

New vs. repeat parkers, parker frequency, user retention, cancellations and new permits, and more.

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