Fully Automated Parking Management

ParkChamp is a fully automated parking platform that saves properties thousands of dollars in operations and equipment costs while maximizing returns on their property assets.

Our flexible options and five-star driver rated App offer tenants, clients and customers a better parking experience at your property.

How we help

Quick, secure & easy access

Our mobile access technology can be retrofitted to any building in hours with no changes to existing infrastructure. Remote monitoring and built-in enforcement reduces overhead operational and management costs. Our technology is fully integrated and works with existing systems or agnostically.

Smart communication to maximize capacity

ParkChamp App helps drivers find parking in seconds, reserve in advance and pay instantly from their phone at the best price. ParkChamp optimizes under-utilized space on an on-demand basis through real-time availability and dynamic pricing.

Real-time, data-driven insights

Access current data, financial reports and performance analytics anytime through our online dashboard to see how your property is performing.

Flexibility & Customization

ParkChamp is configurable to any building, property or parking operation in order to meet the unique needs of our customers and their clients. Our system is built to grow and scale with changing technology and is focused on providing sustainable, longterm, effecient solutions.

Who we help

Our Seamless Technology Works With Any Building:

  • Uses GPS and real-time communication to deliver a seamless parking experience without installing any infrastructure on site.

  • Has dynamic pricing to help properties earn maximum returns.

  • The solution lets commercial buildings rent vacant space in their parkade and can be retrofitted to any building in a few hours.

What our drivers say

Excellent parking service with the best use of technology, price is also a bargain for a full day parking.

- Abbas, ParkChamp Parker

Really slick setup, well explained, good signage, everything worked the way it was supposed to. Big fan upon first use.

- Jack, ParkChamp Parker

Great rates. Parking instructions were very straightforward. I will be using the App for future parking needs.

- Daryl, ParkChamp Parker

Amazing Idea and helpful service thanks

- Grant, ParkChamp Parker


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