Press Release 2017

Undergraduates Seek New Opportunities Despite Alberta’s Economic Downturn

Local Calgarian Tech startup uses a fresh approach to the shared economy to relieve Calgarians of their everyday parking pains

Calgary, AB - After two and a half years, Alberta is still feeling the economic impact of the downturn in oil and gas prices. As recent sources report, more than 200 000 Albertans are still out of work and Calgary in particular has the highest unemployment rates in the province at 8.5%. However, to some of the millennial generation, this means there are new opportunities to be found.

University of Calgary undergraduate student, Maggie Young, sees an opportunity in the shared economy that may not only help provide individuals with extra income, but help the province of Alberta see more industry diversification and economic growth. Along with two co-founders, the simple idea for an app to help people save money and find the best parking options has turned into ParkChamp, which is now ready to come out on the market. It is an online service modeling the shared economy where people can list their extra or unused parking stalls for others to rent at a daily rate. Using smartphones, drivers can instantly book those stalls to park for work, school or evening events.

Co-founder Alex Chalamova says, “It’s really hard to find affordable parking near the University - I was always running late and I could never find parking to make it to class on time. Other times, I would overstay and end up getting tickets.” She continues, “I thought, if someone living near the University had space on their driveway during the day, maybe I could ask to rent it some days to park for school”.

ParkChamp is encouraging people with an unused parking stall to sign up on their website and list their stall for others to rent. The sign up is free and owners can earn $300 a month on average simply by sharing one parking stall. For all of those interested in using the app to find parking, the company encourages you to follow them on Facebook or Twitter @ParkChampApp for announcements.

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