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How ParkChamp works

Share your parking space on ParkChamp

You control what times and days your parking space is available.

Drivers use the ParkChamp App to find parking

Drivers find, book and pay for parking instantly from their mobile phone.

Get paid

You earn money everytime someone parks in your parking space. You never need to meet or exchange money with the driver.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I change my stall's availablility after I sign up?

You have complete control over available times for each day. You can also choose to blackout any days that your stall may not be available or pause your listing completely.

How do I know if someone has booked my parking space?

You will receive an email including the drivers' license plate instantly when someone books your stall.

What if my parking stall is booked but I need to cancel the booking?

As long as the booking period has not began you may cancel. If the driver has already paid, they will recieve a refund and you will not be paid for that booking.

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